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Discover how individuals/teams survive and thrive when confronted with the obstacles and challenges of operating in the world’s most formidable frontlines (e.g. Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Gaza Strip) and whilst striving to conquer extreme outdoor pursuits (e.g. Everest, Special Forces, Adventure Racing).

These extreme frontlines demand the best in teamwork, leadership, communication and resilience etc.  Failure, or a “bad day at the office”, could literally end with fatal consequences.  However, as you are about to see; the ingredients for success are exactly the same as those required for a PEAK PERFORMANCE ON YOUR VERY OWN FRONTLINE, albeit a little more acute.

Take the Keynote one step further with an Extreme Performance Workshop (EPW):

Global Frontlines EPW thrusts participants into the challenging decision making realities found in the globes harshest war zones and most inhospitable outdoor frontiers. It is the perfect platform to develop those that are required to work in time critical, unpredictable and high pressure work environments.

Unique video footage and imagery are collated to recreate real time situations that have been faced whilst operating in extreme environments. Scenarios such as a shooting in the Gaza Strip, hostile negotiation in Somalia and team dilemma high on the slopes of Mount Everest provide clarity for a multitude of extreme performance principles.

The modules can include, but are not limited to:

– Teamwork;
– Communicating with clarity when under pressure;
– Hostile Negotiations;
– Building Resilience; and,
– Critical decision making.

Organisations that have engaged Global Frontline for these services include:

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