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Global Frontline is a boutique consultancy that specialises in providing:

  1.  workplace performance events for the corporate sector; and,
  2.  security and humanitarian training.


For our corporate clients Global Frontline delivers keynote presentations, workshops and outdoor team building activities to enhance corporate performance. The anecdotes, images and scenarios (used in the outdoor activities) will generally come from experiences had on the worlds most hostile war zones and/or inhospitable outdoor frontiers. Get ready to deal with a hungry mob in Pakistan, shooting in Gaza or team challenges high on the slopes of Mount Everest. It’s not your normal day at the offices but it certainly reveals the qualities of a peak performer.  We can come to your office or conference and provide a Keynote presentation, workshop or teambuilding activity.  For our more complex outdoor teambuilding activities (ie war zone simulations) we provide these at our large property on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Humanitarian and security training is provided to government and non-government organisations alike. This provides a solid platform for individuals and teams to operate with confidence amongst the unpredictable and challenging environment of a war zone. The trainings are often a combination of theory and practical, to ensure participants can deal with hostile negotiations, weapons fire, crowds and mobs, military checkpoints and kidnapping etc.  We have a core group of trainers that are called upon to assist with the training who bring a vast array of experiences to the training experience.  Our property is again an ideal location for the simulation aspect of a humanitarian related training session.


Global Frontline was set up in 2008 by Mark Squirrell (Squiz).  Squiz served with the Australian Defence Force during the 1990’s, initially part time whilst completing a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management). He was a commissioned Officer in the military and also a member of the Australian Commandos.

In 1999 Squiz headed to the East Timor Crisis with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a non-government organisation. He was subsequently deployed by IRC to Albania, Sudan and Afghanistan. In February 2003, Squiz moved across to the United Nations and was employed by the World Food Programme (WFP) as a Field Security Officer. For 18 months he worked to secure food convoys through the turbulent territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Squiz was then transferred to work with WFP in Nepal. He arrived at the height of the Maoist led insurgency and was at the forefront of providing an interface between the United Nations and those leading the Maoist uprising from within the remote districts of western Nepal. The conflict somewhat tempered in April 2006 with the collapse of the Monarch. Squiz was then moved to Sri Lanka where he helped to ensure WFP could continue to provide the much needed food assistance in the areas controlled by both the Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Squiz returned to Australia in 2008 and published a book titled From Arafat to Everest whilst establishing Global Frontline.  He has now been joined full time by his wife, Ingrid Squirrell, who is keeping the place in order.  Ingrid assists with training but predominately provides back-end services to ensure the training is delivered without a glitch.  She has lived and travelled extensively overseas and worked for over 15 years with the Victorian Department of Human Services before joining Global Frontline in 2013.

Global Frontline has a network of associates that it draws upon when conducting training.